Webshop Refinement


On shop.mikkeller.dk Mikkeller supplies the whole of Europe with the scrummiest beer in the world. What Mikkeller needed were some shrewd Shopify minds to magic up new features and integrate the system with various services.


When Mikkeller got in touch with us, not many people in Denmark were using or working with Shopify. We already liked the sound of this relatively new e-commerce system, so had a team of Shopify programmers who could be on the job in next to no time. We then did all we could in terms of good service and wacky thinking.


  • Permanently assigned project manager and programmer team
  • Quick reaction times from enquiry to activity
  • Mikkeller beer for our ‘Kvali-teaching’ days
  • Regular cooperation


  • Front-end programming
  • IT coaching and idea development
  • One point of entry to our entire talent network

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