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DSB Idea Competition

In 2019, Kvalifik helped DSB set the course towards a more sustainable future by activating the Danish population with an untraditional campaign and encouraging them to share their green ideas about everything from new, green tickets to solar powered trains.


We can't wait for the electric trains

Even though the train is one of the most sustainable means of transport, DSB - The Danish National Railroads - have previosuly not had much focus on sustainability. As part of a new strategy, DSB wanted inspiration for new sustainable initiatives and to position train transport as a key element in the green transition, especially among young people. 


A nationwide idea competition

In just 5 weeks, Kvalifik developed, organized and produced a nationwide idea competition for DSB, which encouraged customers and employees to come up with ideas for how DSB can drive towards a more sustainable future. Kvalifik provided a total solution, including scoping, design and production of marketing (including commercials, posters, newspaper ads and online marketing), idea evaluation and facilitation of the entire process.


More than 1700 ideas

The competition exceeded all expectations, and the result was more than 1700 ideas comprising everything from solar cells between the rails to nuclear-powered trains and new ticket products. The first idea – introducing recycled cups in DSB 7-Eleven – has already been realised, and in the extensive idea catalog there is inspiration to draw upon for many more sustainable initiatives.

Check out the campaign and some of the best ideas

Check out the campaign and some of the best ideas on the campaign site


Green ideas from passengers

"Kvalifik formåede tre ting jeg ikke har set før: At indsamle mere end 1700 gode, kreative og konstruktive idéer til nye bæredygtige tiltag, at rulle rullegræs ud i et tog og midt på Hovedbanen og at eksekvere et projekt i den skala på under 10 uger fra den første pitch til vinderkåring."

Per Schrøder, COO

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