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Changing the future of investing with DoLand

DoLand is an ambitious fintech company that wants to enable people to invest in what matters to them, such as sustainability and equality. We collaborated with them to create a new, engaging investing experience.


Democratized, sustainable investing

DoLand needed a partner to realize their vision of becoming the future of sustainable investment. They needed a landing page, an onboarding process, and a platform for their investors. Furthermore, they wanted their platform to be user-driven, and user-friendly, while still accommodating regulatory requirements around investing.


Real user feedback for a user-driven platform

In an open design process, we explored different visual directions and tested them to ensure that the design connected with DoLand's target group. Once we had determined a design direction, we designed high-fidelity prototypes of the landing page and onboarding, which we tested in user interviews. By testing in several phases of design, we greatly improved the user experience and designed a site that was both functional and beautiful.


Making sustainable investment approachable

DoLand was looking to build a unique investing experience. Leveraging insights from our user tests, we delivered a design that sets DoLand apart, engaging users through an intuitive, straightforward interface and distinctive, clean visual profile. After delivering the design for the landing page, onboarding, and platform, we also worked with them on the development of the onboarding process.

Check out DoLand

Curious about what the future of investing looks like? Check out DoLand's site and see for yourself.

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