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Future-proofing the Future of Freelancing

Dojo taps into the gig economy by helping businesses and freelancers find the right fit. Businesses list their task on Dojo's platform, and Dojo selects from among their network of pre-screened local talents with a knack for digital tasks. Dojo handles the administrative hurdles and monitors for quality.

We future-proofed the platform so it can continue to grow with its users.


Solving your digital challenges

Many businesses face the challenge of having to solve occasional digital tasks. While it may be frustrating and time-consuming to hire the right freelancer to solve these challenges, failing to solve these crucial tasks means they risk losing business to competitors. Dojo works with these businesses to match their tasks with local talents to solve digital headaches on an as-needed basis. Businesses simply create a task on the Dojo platform, then Dojo offers a fair price quote and matches the right talent to the task. 

To find the right match, Dojo selects from its extensive network of pre-screened, local freelancers, who are born into the digital era and ready to help with any digital obstacle. Once the talent is matched to the task, the client and talent can communicate directly on the platform. Throughout the process, Dojo handles quality assurance and administrative hurdles.


Design, validate, build, repeat

Our goal was to relaunch the Dojo platform with a flexible, stable, and future-proof technological foundation. This new platform would support both businesses and freelancers' growing needs and optimise the internal administrative workflow to improve customer support and quality assurance services.

The Product Team, composed of developers, UX designers, and a product manager, worked with an agile mindset to build the new platform through a series of bi-weekly sprints. The team continuously tested and validated solutions through user tests, user feedback, and scrutinising Google Analytics data from the existing platform users.


A solid foundation for a scalable platform

The new, scalable Dojo platform will support a user base that is growing in both number and complexity. Talents and businesses can access all communication and resources for a task through the improved chat module, increasing productivity by providing vital information in one spot. Additionally, administrators now spend 50% less time on administrative tasks thanks to the optimised task flow, resulting in more effective customer support.

Dojo's services will continue to support a growing user base, and businesses and freelancers will be able to rely on high-quality work delivered through the platform.

Looking to future-proof your platform?

There are a lot of considerations when it comes to making your platform or service both flexible enough and stable enough to face the digital future.

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The relaunched platform

The new platform is finally launched and ready for action! 

Check it out here.