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Gamifying healthy work habits with EasyMove

Activating employees, strengthening and creating relations – these are the aims of Running 26. To engage users in their week-long activity campaigns, Running26 wished to bolster users’ commitment, when they partake in a company-wide event. Along with Running26, we embarked on a collaborative journey to discern how best to create a digital space in which user gratification and retention could be increased.


Reinforcing retention

Running 26 offer organizations customized activity ‘campaigns’, where employees or departments participate in sociable competitions. The winning team will be the one to complete most health-related activities in the designated time period. Previously, commitment to these challenges had been wavering, and Running 26 was looking to engage users further with a digital supplement. The open-endedness of the request motivated a thorough, collaborative ideation process and resulted in a bespoke application made specifically for this purpose.


Individual immersion, multi-sided relevance

We probed our way through various analyses and iterative design sprints to settle on a digital concept. For the combined user experience to feel immersive and engaging, personalization and accessibility were key aspects that had to be worked into the solution. We identified that central users were both individual employees and HR, and we understood that appealing to both was pivotal. Each campaign was brought as close to the user’s everyday as possible – into their very pockets! We developed an MVP app, refined this into a finalized product and built a user friendly platform with a sleek, modern design.


A digital rendition of physical activity

In tandem with Running 26, we developed EasyMove. Directly on their phones, users can register activities completed, keep track of the competition, view personal stats and achievements and prompt their colleagues. Through modes of gamification, EasyMove is designed to echo the psychological rewards associated with friendly competition and augment the overall user experience.

Concurrently, HR has access to insights into the beneficial effects of a company campaign with a tailored dashboard that displays changes in employee job satisfaction and general wellbeing. The app is used extensively, and it has created measurable results and led to healthier employees and less sickness absence.

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