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A site as playful as its products – website and shop for MODU

MODU is a modular foam toy that grows with the child. It affords almost limitless possibilities for creative play: from wagons that help children learn to walk, to racing cars and rocking dinosaurs! With inspiration from the product itself, we established a unique web presence to match MODU's characteristic image.


Showcasing amazing innovation

After spending months on concept development and prototyping their innovative foam building blocks for children, MODU needed the right partner to build their web presence from the ground up. We went to work on designing their website to showcase MODU’s unique product, bearing in mind the amount of care that had been put into their concept.


Web-based embodiment of active play

We worked in close collaboration with MODU to ensure coherence across all parameters. In order to adhere to MODU's serious ambitions and strict deadline, we worked in sprint sessions until the small hours of the morning. Based on MODU's own design proposal, we strived to integrate what the product signifies – lively, active learning for children of a range of ages – into their web presence.


An animating digital playground

The result was a dynamic, customized Shopify theme. We designed tons of playful elements and fluid illustrations, animated backgrounds and Easter eggs that capture the viewer’s eye and emphasize the spirit of the brand. Working from MODU's own conception of how their web presence should unfold, the process was both iterative and experimental, and, ultimately, their website embodies the very development that their product aims to foster in children.

Take a look for yourself

Discover the MODU experience and explore a playful universe tailored to align and expand on the MODU brand and identity.

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