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Digitizing the Mikkeller soul

Engaging experiences across frictionless features establishes the ideal web shop. Co-creating with Mikkeller, we digitized the whacky Mikkeller soul: An accelerated search engine in a unique, hand drawn online universe with a beer subscription service, littered with digital Easter eggs, ready to be explored.


Updating Mikkeller's online presence

Mikkeller supplies Europe with the best micro-brewed beer in the world. To boost sales, Mikkeller needed some sagacious Shopify minds to develop novel features to integrate their system with various services, extending the limits of what Shopify is capable of. Through combining the right creative energy with focused programming skills, we wanted Mikkeller's online shopping experience to mirror their already fun and engaging brand.


Pushing the limits of Shopify

With a dedicated team of designers and programmers, we identified the biggest constraints of Mikkeller’s online shopping experience and eliminated any unnecessary steps. In close collaboration with the company, we approached their online initiatives holistically to create synergies across services and platforms. Together, we mapped the three initiatives that would create the biggest impact for their online success and immediately executed on the strategy that ultimately helped in expanding their presence on social media and boosting their sales.


Sound business, funky features

The Mikkeller brand is fun and playful with a unique visual identity that creates a cohesive experience in all of their bars and restaurants. By mapping the core of the 'Mikkeller experience', we created a unique online universe that combined the whacky Mikkeller soul with conversion-maximizing features. Besides their iconic beer subscription, the website handles over 10.000 products and even more daily users in a sleek and fast interface that serves you your desired product in mere milliseconds.

Pushing the limits of Shopify

Together with Mikkeller, we’ve integrated multiple different services with Shopify to increase online sales and enhance the user’s experience. By integrating data collecting mechanisms, we’ve created the foundation needed to take data-driven choices that helps us creating both the best possible experience and a sound e-business!

"Jeg kan ikke sige, at den vækst, vi har haft, kun skyldes Kvalifik, for vi er vokset af mange andre grunde. Men jeg kan sige, at siden vi begyndte at arbejde med dem, har vi vækstet mere end 2500 pct. på onlinesalg, og de har været med på den rejse."

Frank Borring Petersen, E-commerce manager & digital director

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