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Freshly brewed webshop for Mikkeller

Kvalifik helped Mikkeller design, test, and develop a new webshop, as well as a special sub-page as part of Mikkeller's collaboration with Game of Thrones.


Mikkeller has a solid reputation as one of the best sources for quality craft beers in the world. They decided to renew their webshop to enhance customer conversion and retention, eliminate manual product updates, and speed up their webshop.

They wanted to give their customers an online shopping experience that mirrored their fun and engaging brand while creating a backend system that served their scaling needs.


Our goal was to create a site optimised for SEO success and usability while automating as much site admin as possible. To accomplish this, we developed a custom theme based on data from actual users. Our data-driven process included qualitative user interviews and quantitative data from the webshop, ensuring our new design improved the site's performance. We integrated the shop with Untappd, and built dynamic info sections around this to remove the workload of updating new products.


The new webshop improved the customer experience by optimising the site's speed, organisation and reducing the steps from entering the site until checkout. We worked in a data-driven way so we collected data from actual users and turned the insights into design changes that demonstrate commercial results. 

Now Mikkeller saves time when adding products, making the site significantly more manageable and cost-effective to update and maintain. When new beers arrive, the product pages automatically fill in information from Untappd such as descriptions, ratings, and brewery information.

Tapping into social proof via Untappd

The new webshop integrates with Untappd, the world's largest beer community, which automatically adds ratings, beer styles, descriptions and ABV to each beer. This information improves the site’s SEO, and ratings on a product page help strengthen a brand or product’s social proof.

Data before and now

The new shop launched in 2021 has already made an impact comparing April 2020 to April 2021:

  • The conversion rate has increased by 16%
  • 34% more sessions reached checkout
  • The average order value has increased by 16%
  • 44% more customers added products to their cart

Innovating with beer subscriptions

Mikkeller’s beer subscription box is an excellent source of recurring revenue and a way to encourage brand loyalty. We simplified the checkout process for buying subscriptions by significantly reducing the steps before the customer can check out.

Jeg synes, at samarbejdet med Kvalifik har været enormt let, enormt givende og det var også derfor, at valget faldt på Kvalifik. Vi har en god backtrack af gode resultater og et tæt samarbejde. Så det har været agilt, nemt og utroligt transparent, som jeg egentlig synes er det vigtigste

Frank Borring

Kvalifik has developed a variety of digital products for Mikkeller, where notable products include:

  • A new webshop integrating Untappd and instant search to filter over 7500 products
  • Mikkeller & Game of Thrones landing page, for beer geeks and GoT fans
  • The new, combining their bars, restaurants, news and events onto one site.
  • The world's first Virtual Mikkeller Bar
  • Mikkeller Beer Club - A beer subscription service with high customer loyalty, improving the returning customer rate by over 400%
  • An engaging chatbot for finding the right beers
  • An improved SoMe and SEO strategy

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