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Mikkeller x Dojo Prototype Competition

At Kvalifik, we believe in youth potential and we host hackathons and idea competitions to develop the most innovative digital solutions. On behalf of Mikkeller, Kvalifik's talent network, Dojo, hosted a prototype competition challenge, where young talented designers and developers came with their concepts for a new unifying and playful app concept for the world famous gourmet beer and restaurant empire.


A scattered digital experience in a growing gourmet empire

When Mikkeller contacted us, they had six different apps for their customers, making it hard to achieve coherence across their channels and to effectively convey their brand identity. Dojo was asked to come up with inspiration for what a new digital universe could look like and provide innovative solutions in four focus areas: Loyalty, menu/locations, entertainment and product communication.


Only the most talented, please!

During the Challenge period, three key events were held: A challenge launch event, a workshop and an award ceremony. Dojo executed on targeted marketing strategy that attracted 42 talented designers and programmers who took part in the competition.


18 innovative designs from the best digital talents

The prototype competition was a great success and resulted in 18 almost fully developed and interactive design concepts. The winning prototype was a fully clickable digital application that tackled all four focus areas. Kvalifik employed the talented winner afterwards, and Mikkeller are now working on making the ambitious app a reality.

Designing a complete campaign

As part of the competition we designed an entire campaign including production of a  landingpage, posters and two videos for social media.


social media impressions

Dojo has gathered the brighest digital talent

On we have gathered more than 200 young digital talents. Contact us to hear more about how you can activate these talents and make them come up with answers to your challenge.