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TV2 Lorry - Vores Hovedstad. Forfra (Our Capital. Retold)

We created a high production value Youtube series for TV2 Lorry to morph substance and public service into the Youtube format. We created a concept from scratch, that explained the history of Copenhagen in a new and interesting way.


Engaging a curious young audience

In order to strengthen their position on Youtube, the Copenhagen-focused regional TV-channel, TV2 Lorry, presented us with a very clear goal:

They wanted a video series that:

  • Engaged an audience ranging from about 16-26 years old;
  • Was relevant to Lorry’s broadcast area (Copenhagen metropolitan region);
  • Had a high production value in its narrative, visual and technical abilities.

Making Youtube history

We went in with a conviction: That young people are not just interested in easy entertainment. They care about, and are interested in, content that has more depth. With this in mind, our team ventured forth to create five 10-minute videos incorporating animation, archive footage, and engaging storytelling. Based on extensive research and collaboration with experts, these videos cover important historical subjects relevant to Copenhagen.


Public service. Retold.

In the end, the series consisted of 5 episodes on TV2 Lorrys Youtube and flow channel, as well as accompanying Instagram stories, which tell a thrilling tale about Vikings, the cholera epidemic, and the naval history of Copenhagen.

These videos successfully met TV2 Lorry’s goal, while additionally contributing much-needed engaging, entertaining, and educational content to the Danish YouTube scene.

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