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Reinventing 'børnetelefonen' for Børns Vilkår

Being the first generation born after the internet, we wanted to create a digital universe by and for the coming generations. Together with Børns Vilkår, we developed a new concept in which the Danish adolescence can share, discuss and absorb knowledge regarding the emotional problems that may arise on the way to adulthood.


Digitally transforming the phone line

Times change and with ever-changing digital habits comes new challenges. Børns Vilkår has helped tens of thousands of Danish children through rough times by pioneering the legal framework behind the legislations against domestic violence and establishing their direct telephone line, Børnetelefonen. Now, Børns Vilkår is one of Denmark’s most beloved NGOs. Together, we wanted to accommodate digital development by creating the right virtual platform for Børns Vilkår, where children can get the support they need.


Focused design sprint

Following the Design Sprint Method, we gathered the brightest digital minds of our time in a room along with the experts from Børns Vilkår. After mapping the right challenge, sketching different solutions and discussing and deciding on the best ones, we were ready to prototype what became the YouTube concept, “Spurgt svarer”. After filming two pilot episodes and getting user feedback from Børnetelefonens core demography, we were ready to pitch the idea to the right decision makers and make their new YouTube channel a reality.


From melting phone lines to lit content

While Børnetelefonen still helps out hundreds of kids every day, the Youtube channel has grown over two thousand subscribers and 2 million views overall. Based on the knowledge of the digital natives and the experience of Børnetelefonens professionals, we were able to create a strong concept and a prototype that gave us the quick feedback we needed, directly from our core demography.

Check out the Youtube channel

While we’re proud of the strong concept, we can’t take credit for the amazing work that Børnetelfonens team has done since we let go of the reins. Be sure to check out their Youtube Channel and see for yourself!


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