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A delicious website for Gorm's pizzalovers

Gorm's is a successful Danish pizza restaurant chain driven by a commitment to doing their utmost to create the best experience for their guests. We collaborated with them to make a website as appetizing as their pizzas.


Great pizza needs a great website

Gorm's restaurants proudly go above and beyond every day to create the best experience for their visitors, with pure love for their food and their guests. In bringing that excellence to their website, they wanted us to revitalize their site and create an intuitive, clear customer journey, whether customers were booking a table or ordering a pizza.


Making the right changes

We started the project by mapping Gorm's existing online offerings and infrastructure. In the process, we identified the critical pain points for their online customers, such as difficulty accessing menus, booking tables, and ordering delivery or takeaway. Our design and development teams worked with a bootstrap template in order to efficiently implement a beautiful, intuitive site that represented Gorm's brand and integrated with their booking and takeaway infrastructure.


Improving the online #pizzalover experience

The result of the redesign is an online experience that represents the strong identity Gorm's has developed in its branding and food while providing a cohesive and smooth customer experience. The new site provides customers with an overview of what Gorm's offers through clear calls to action and an interactive menu. Additionally, the modular setup enables Gorm's to easily update their site with new content and creates a standard for good user experience across the whole site.

Curious about customer journey mapping?

We have a whole page dedicated to describing the tools we use in our work, such as customer journey mapping. If you're curious, why not check it out?

When designing Gorm's website, we wanted to make sure that it addressed the needs of Gorm's guests, so we made a customer journey map. Our designers used this tool to build a digital prototype that would reflect Gorm's values and design profile while also addressing critical user needs.

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