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Trying on Virtual Glasses with Have A Look

Have A Look has delivered affordable quality glasses since 2013, and they are present in almost all of the most prestigious design and art stores. They have conquered the physical space with their sleek and minimalistic Scandinavian glasses. With sophisticated, costumised software, we aided them in conquering the digital sphere as well.


Digitizing the fitting room

It is tough to sell glasses on the internet. Have A Look’s unique design speaks for itself, but it is difficult to decide, which model you want when you buy from afar. We wanted to enhance the experience, making it easier to actually take the leap and buy a pair, even though you have not actually tried them on beforehand. How do you convince people to buy a design product, even though they have not actually experienced it?


Combining creazy ideas and new technology

In collaboration with Have A Look, we identified that emerging AR technology could improve their customer experience. We tweaked an open source framework for face detection and turned it into a fun and intuitive virtual try-on software solution. Finally, we customized 3D models to look natural to create a seamless online fitting room.


Web-based augmented reality

Augmented reality has been a hit for a while, but the technology has almost exclusively been based on apps. However, the newest technologies make web-based augmented reality possible, which means that you can create sophisticated augmented reality experiences, without the need for downloading a new app! By creating a virtual experience where you can try the glasses on, we aimed to boost sales through an immersive and fun experience, that had a positive impact on people's readiness to take the leap and buy a pair of glasses online.

Let's create immersive experiences together

Whether you’re looking for someone to develop an Augmented Reality app, a webshop or an IoT product, we’re here to help. We love creating lasting impressions in the digital sphere, and we know how to combine it with a sound business strategy!