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Bringing a fair online with an interactive event platform

As part of their services, International House Copenhagen hosts a popular annual resource fair where internationals can network, discover, and learn from experts. Due to COVID, they decided to move the fair online, and they approached us to collaborate. We delivered a custom platform which carried over both the social and informational aspects of the fair.


From in-person to online-only

The International House Copenhagen provides international residents with streamlined access to resources to make the most of their time in Denmark. Each year, they offer a fair where thousands of new international residents can get answers to all their questions in one place through booths, live talks, and fun activities where they can grow their network. When restrictions on in-person gatherings went into place due to COVID-19, they began to ask: how do you translate an interaction- and resource-rich event into a safer, online-only experience?


An event platform with integrated streaming

With the intention of maintaining the social and interactive aspects of the fair, our design concept was modelled on the in-person fair. We created a platform with a live broadcast with interactive chat on the same page, booths where participants had the ability to converse with the hosts, and a forum-style chat space for the participants to learn from each other. Our prototype evolved into a custom platform that integrated video streaming, and we further tailored the experience to the users' needs after running tests with actual internationals at the International House.

In addition to designing and developing the platform, we coordinated with NowTek to produce the live broadcast, and we managed administration of over 80 booth hosts in Zoom. We also wrote, animated, and recorded explainer videos to help market the fair.


Interactive access to resources

It was essential to keep the platform focused on the fair's core purpose: providing a socially engaging space for internationals to access valuable resources. Over the three days of the fair, hundreds of internationals had the opportunity to meet each other and learn from the experts in the live broadcasts and the hosts of over 80 participating booths. Presentations covered everything from crazy Danish traditions to understanding how the Danish job market works. With over 1800 unique visitors over the course of the fair, the International House was able to continue connecting internationals with resources to improve their Danish experience.

Livestreaming in broadcast quality

We partnered up with NowTek to produce a professional live broadcast of the Main Stage talks. Together, we delivered a complete solution with full sound, lighting, stage, and camera setup so the only thing International House had to arrange was getting the right guests into the studio.

The concept explained in 66 seconds

From event platform to resource centre

After the fair ended, we went to work transforming the platform into a resource centre where anyone can view the videos and handouts from the event, as well as the organisations that participated.


unique visits over the course of the fair

Make your next event online!

With the right digital solution, an online fair can be just as engaging as a physical event, with captivating presentations, riveting 1:1 talks and inspiring booths to explore. At Kvalifik, we are ready to help with finding the right technical solution or design something completely from scratch, so you can focus on creating a great event.