Meet the team

We filled our office with the most innovative and creative minds we could find. Now, we are an all-star team of digital beings who work together by day and against each other at game night. 

What is a Kvalifikker?

Kvalifikker| ˈkwɒlɪfɪɡə |

noun (plural Kvalifikkers)

  1. an individual with unusually strong digital capabilities and a passion for breaking tradition to tackle challenges from a new and original angle. 
  2. Kvalifik employee
August Kristian Gjede
Co-founder & Managing Partner
Daniel Enemark Riegels
Co-founder & Managing Partner
Søren Højland Boesen
Innovation Lead & Partner
Nikolaj von Holck
Tech Lead
Oliver Skjønnemand
Projects Lead
Rune Højlund
Team Lead Developer
Marjan Nikolovski
Business Development Lead
Riziki Nielsen
Design & UX
Alexander Menzel
Animator and Frontend Developer
André Klee
Full Stack Developer
Rasmus Hag Løvstad
Full Stack Developer
Frederic Widding
Frontend Developer
Asger Rud Hansen
Frontend Developer
Carl Vinggaard
Frontend Developer
Bailey Smith
UX Design Intern