Meet the team

We filled our office with the most innovative and creative minds we could find. Now, we are an all-star team of digital beings who work together by day and against each other at game night. 

What is a Kvalifikker?

Kvalifikker| ˈkwɒlɪfɪɡə |

noun (plural Kvalifikkers)

  1. an individual with unusually strong digital capabilities and a passion for breaking tradition to tackle challenges from a new and original angle. 
  2. Kvalifik employee
August Kristian Gjede
Co-founder & Managing Partner
Daniel Enemark Riegels
Co-founder & Managing Partner
Søren Højland Boesen
Innovation Lead & Partner
Nikolaj von Holck
Tech Lead
Mathias Rask
Project Manager
Rune Højlund
Team Lead Developer
Marjan Nikolovski
Business Development Lead
Nils Abdi Andersen-Ale
Full stack developer
Riziki Nielsen
Design & UX
André Klee
Full Stack Developer
Rasmus Hag Løvstad
Full Stack Developer
Frederic Widding
Frontend Developer
Bailey Smith
UX Researcher & developer
Elizabeth Tello D'Andrea
UX Design Intern
Weronika Cyrankiewicz
Asger Rud Hansen
Frontend Developer
Cannelle Lacroix
Design Intern