We help promising startups take off. Open up the innovation process in large organisations and inject ambitious corporations with fresh perspectives, a hackers mindset and raw talent capable of delivering your next digital blockbuster. So you don’t end up like Blockbuster.


Rapid Concept Testing

Fail fast to succeed sooner

At Kvalifik we are do’ers, and we believe that prototypes beat PowerPoints. We believe in early experiments and in the importance of getting things out in the real world, into the hands of the users as fast as possible. This way, you can learn, pivot and start all over again. We hack solutions together to test technical feasibility, we design sleek clickable prototypes to assess desirability for the users, and we fake new business ideas with various pretotyping methods to validate viability. And we do it fast so you can stop the hypothetical discussions and start innovating based on real data.

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Open Innovation

Let young talents innovate for you

At Kvalifik we believe in openness: An open mind set, open source and in opening up your innovation process and letting your users, employees or curious outsiders come up with creative solutions to the problems, you are struggling with. Therefore, we organise and facilitate prototype and idea competitions on our own challenge platform, Dojo, where we engage our large network of young digital talents. We deliver a complete package, so the only thing you have to do is to figure out, which great new idea you want to execute first.

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Modern e-commerce and 360-thinking

Modern e-commerce websites require deep knowledge of available platforms, UX design and the digital marketing landscape. In 2019, successful e-commerce requires clever data collection and an understanding of everything from SEO to CRM. We combine our passion for great digital experiences with our ambition to help businesses scale online. We utilize our technical skills – especially our proficiency in Shopify and WooCommerce – to construct elegant webshops that are optimised for conversion.

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Strategic Digital Innovation

Innovate like it's 2020

We advice ambitious companies on how to work smarter and create more value for their end-users with the latest technologies. Using design thinking methods, we identify new business opportunities and quickly go from idea to concept in order to validate the ideas with the actual users. Our deep technical understanding allows us to come up with advanced solutions and to innovate in complex domains.

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Digital experiences

Translating your visions into engaging user experiences

To engage users results in a thriving business. We help you transition from digital strategy to successful implementation by combining business strategy with user insights and behavioural learnings, all with one goal in mind: To create digital experiences that people love. We specialize in creating beautiful websites, playful features and engaging content so you can provide your costumers with lasting experiences in a way that strenghtens the bond between you.

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App and Web Development

From idea to MVP – and beyond

Whether you want to make a new digital service, a groundbreaking digital product or improve your existing app, we are here to help. Through a well-balanced team of designers, programmers and project managers, we guide your digital project safely into the world. Our stack is mainly based on, but never limited to, React, Vue.js, Django and Firebase. We treasure our stack, but we are digital pioneers by heart – we love exploring new software and frameworks. Regardless of whether it entails AR, new blockchain services or something entirely novel, we are ready to push the market standards.

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Content for Generation Z

Create narratives that inspire and engage

It really does not matter whether we are shooting brand videos, creating explainer animations, doing graphic design, copywriting or making memes for social media. In every case, we are telling stories. We are telling stories that are designed to connect with the audience at eye level. We create content with honesty, creativity, quality, and wit as our guiding stars to enhance your authenticity and identity as a brand. Do this, and you will achieve with the exposure, engagement and sales that you were aiming for.

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We would love to work with you

Whether you want to boost e-commerce sales, harvest the possibilities of Open Innovation or pioneer the digital world through groundbreaking new technology, we'd love to partner up with you.