Creative StudioDigital PioneeringVirtual Apprenticeship

70 offbeat minds, all passionate about the future 🚀


Creative StudioDigital PioneeringVirtual Apprenticeship

70 offbeat minds, all passionate about the future 🚀

We Love The Digital Future We All Share

There’s no stopping the global technological revolution that’s changing life as we know it in every way. We at Kvalifik salute those who dare to take the plunge, wholeheartedly embracing today’s mind-blowing new opportunities for learning, thinking and creating.

Who Are We?

Kvalifik is a bunch of 70 digital talents, all with their eyes fixed firmly on the future. We collaborate with intrepid organizations that are ready to advance into our digital future with ideas and output from the digital generation.

Kvalifik Studio

Since 2015 Kvalifik Studio has been providing digital campaigns, websites, apps and content based on the qualifications of the digital generation. We customize digital projects to cater for our partners’ needs and work round the clock till we hit the mark.

Care To See A Few Examples?

Kvalifik Studio

Kvalifik Pioneers

The digital agenda has well and truly made its mark at executive level, while last century’s mindset still prevails when it comes to strategic consultancy. In Pioneers we conjure up strategic solutions to current challenges, providing decision-makers with advice on future opportunities.

Kvalifik Pioneers

Kvalifik Dojo

The youngest, most promising talents are hatched in KVALIFIK DOJO – our digital work playground. It’s a practical meeting place for the digital production talents of tomorrow. Gotta a task to tackle? Great. You can help develop Denmark’s digital future, while we guarantee the quality.

Create Your Task

Kvalifik Dojo


Selected Cases

  • Front-end programming
  • IT coaching and idea development
  • One point of entry to our entire talent network
  • Consultancy
  • YouTube concept
  • Creative idea development
  • Front-end programming
  • UX coaching
  • Agile development

Meet All The Kvalifikers

Nikolaj von Holck

Lead App Dev

Rune Højlund

Senior App Dev

Christina Bruun

UX & Graphics Design

Theis Munksgaard

Head of recruitment / Partner

Isabel Vittrup-Pallier

Full-stack Dev

Emil Skydsgaard

Film Producer

Emil Eilertsen

CEO - Kvalifik Dojo

Karoline Engelund

Digital Project Manager

Kristian Uhd-Jepsen

Board Member

Rasmus Løvstad

Frontend Dev

Jesper Vedersø

COO - Kvalifik Dojo

Nils Abdi

Tech lead / Partner

Kristine Fisker

Graphics Design

Mads Alexander Weile

Backend Dev

Johan N. Andersen

Frontend Dev

August Gjede

COO / Founder

Malte Gejr

Frontend Dev

Filip Vest

Graphics Design

Mathias Titelbech

Digital Project Manager

Daniel Riegels

CEO / Founder

Claus Bindslev


Peter Sandberg


Michael Haase


Rasmus Gutfelt Skalbo

Social Media Marketeer

Jarl Munkstrup

Backend Dev

We’re Dying To Meet You

And getting hold of us couldn’t be easier. Write us a message on Messenger, give us a call, send us a mail or drop in for a cup of cocoa at our office in Copenhagen.