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Retrofitting the Warpigs authenticity

Shane had an ambition. Imagine a room filled with heavy wooden furniture and speakers that shred out heavy metal, all wrapped up in an aroma of sweet barbecue and world-class beer. Being the driving force behind the successful brewpub, Warpigs, located in the hip meatpacking district of Copenhagen, Shane wanted to intensify an already extraordinary experience.


Uploading atmosphere

Have you ever thought about becoming a trooper? At Warpigs, Shane wanted more people to enlist in their cohort of beer-drinking and BBQ-eating soldiers. Warpigs is all about a tough and authentic, yet playful, ambience. What better way to match this atmosphere than to embed it into an arcade machine with a digitized newsletter sign up flow?


Hacking an arcade

Finally, an excuse to fulfill a long-standing childhood dream of buying an arcade machine! In less than a month, we hacked the arcade, designing a retro-themed UI and programmed our own custom software - including a secret game feature.


Lining up troopers

Right now, a 100 kg Arcade machine adorns the heavy metal-filled Brewpub, enlisting new troopers every day. By gamifying the newsletter sign up flow and combining it with Warpigs’ military-inspired tone of voice, we changed the boring act of signing up for a newsletter into an exciting experience that people stand in line for. This have lead to a significant increase in newsletter sign ups and thousands of new beer-loving, barbeque-hungry Warpigs troopers!

"From my first encounter with Kvalifik I was immediately impressed. They very quickly understood what it was I wanted from the project, without me being exactly sure what that was myself. I approached them with a very vague idea, and they embraced it and made it happen. They showed great enthusiasm in everything they did and made me feel totally at ease, despite my technological ignorance. In short, a great bunch of people and I genuinely hope to work with them again."

Shane Gardiner, General Manager at Warpigs

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